Live and let live

You are responsible for all your actions, only you. Responsibility is personal, and there is nothing like collective responsibility. Only you are responsible for the decisions in your life, which you lead. Do not take responsibility for other people’s choices, do not get involved. If you are a true friend, listen to everything that will be said to you, patiently and personally. Give comfort to your friend and support to persist and to deal with his problem. Do not judge someone’s actions. Like you, they never tell the whole story because they are ashamed of discovering some details or simply forgetting some key moments, thoughts, sentences stated or not pronounced. By allowing him to tell you everything, you help him put all thoughts in his head in place, fill in memory holes, and become aware of all the events that led to his problem and the situation in which he is now. If you were in a similar position, give him solace that it will be better because it is better for you now. You expect this for him too. Only that. We have to solve our problems personally.
How I’m going through life. With a smile on my face because it’s much better to meet someone or have a conversation with someone when working, make yourself at least smiling and friendly. A positive approach to every problem is the only way to solve it. Every day is full of challenges. Try to choose those good ones that are worth your time and effort to resolve them. Ignore the other. With a smile.
Only a few people, throughout your life, wish you really good. All the rest are vampires, ticks that drain your energy, time, money, and nerves. Make sure you recognize these good people and build a friendship with them for life. Why is this crucial? Shure, we are convinced that it is easier for a person to tell someone else the pains that troubled his soul. Even if it is supported by the person in front of you, in the form of a confirmation that your anxiety is mutual, how much this helps you to fill your soul with peace? Indeed, their experiences are not the same as yours, and they have limited experience, their own, everything else is the theory (what kind of monologues they have in the head while listening to your story, simply human, “Please leave me alone”, which is fine if you put yourself in their position).
If you care to solve your problems, I underline “if”, they can’t help you. A close friend who has the same problem? So he did not solve it, how can he help you at all? They only can give you comfort, but this does not address any of your problems. Remember that all happy families are the same, and each is unhappy in its own way. You have to figure out how to solve it because you are the only one, which has all the information that can lead to solving the problem for you, and this is the real solution to the situation just right for you. This is the only way because you will indeed conceal some precious information from others, because of shame or whatever it seems to you right at that moment, or you just forgot. From that moment on, you have no real help from others, even if they want to help you sincerely. Through conversation with others, you can recall the moment you made a mistake, and why and this can be useful. Still, you have to observe your problem from all sides, embrace him, find his roots and everything that has gone wrong on the way, return to the beginning of the wrong turn (decision), and go again, now in the right direction. It’s tough to do for the real and severe problems that are troubling us. It’s the only way. Everything else is a wasting of time and procrastination. You have to, if you care, and if you have internal strength. All the others can only give you comfort in your independent battle. Good God, family, friends, priest.
All, without exception, want to be heard to the end. People need to be heard and let them present whatever ideas they have if you recognize that they believe in the concept, the depth of their soul, and have enough personal experience supporting these beliefs. I’ve always been curious to see the essence of these beliefs. I enjoy these conversations the same as when I read a good book or a good quality article. For small discussions, I never had the understanding or the babble on social networks. I know where I belong and where my place is, and I do not need proof of affiliation to something or somewhere.
If you want to make progress in life, you have to take risks. When you risk, there will be slips and challenge periods. Accept this, fix your thoughts, find your mistakes only you are interested in, all the other accusations that it is someone else’s fault, a set of circumstances, everything that you can not influence, that’s not what interests you.
I’ve never played a safe ticket. I was always the first to get out of the safe zone and take all the risks for everything in life. Sometimes I played well, but sometimes I experienced a fiasco. Today, it allows me to receive the worst and best of conscience with a smile and complete calmness. I’ve fallen so many times in my life, stumbled, touched the bottom that this is a well-known condition and an inspiration for a new beginning. Life, work, love, happiness, misfortune, everything has a form of a sinusoid in time. Go ups and downs, and driving is never dull.
Do not take others’ ideas and successes as your own. I’ve seen too many times how this is happening. Most often, after a while, it turns out that it was not such a good idea or that apparent success is a big failure in the long run. People do not understand that when they have takeover an idea, they have taken over the consequences of this idea and have taken responsibility for these consequences. I believe that you do not take responsibility for the actions of anyone else, except for yours. If you can’t solve the problem, improve your knowledge, invent, create your ideas. Be modest when your plan is accepted, but be utterly sure that the system of implementing the approach is correct and that it is beneficial in the long run. Be cautious because there are many areas of life with which the idea can touch, come to the collision, cut off, and stop. Since no one can be an expert in all areas, you must be aware of your limitations in examining the possible consequences of your idea in those other areas.
Humbly, with a publicly announced fence, give your ideas in other areas where you are a layman. There are many restrictions, but it should not prevent you from creating and leaving your safe zone. Publicly state that there are unknowns whose influence is beyond your comprehension. It regularly happens that a team is formed around an idea whose members are complemented in the fields of expertise and make the endurance and feasibility of the concept much broader. This is the fundamental principle of creating teams around the Project (Idea).
For a dignified life in the 21st century, there is no need for an incredible money and unbelievable fame. You could never drive two cars at the same time, sleep in three houses and three beds. It would be best to have an oasis where you will feel safe and relaxed at work and for the time spent with those you love. You have to do both by yourself. It is your responsibility. It is a battle for the essential things in life, and you have to bring all of your skills and all the work into that struggle. Never withdraw from assignments that your life gives you. Make them the best you can, perfected through practice, learn new skills to the next time could do more and faster. We all start from scratch. It is just our decision how high we will grow over. If you recognize a chance, use it. It is only your responsibility, and all decisions are yours. Why I persistently reiterate that our life is our responsibility and that we have to have realistic goals. You have to stay yourself because the value system has been entirely disordered for a very long time (generations). Everywhere in the world is disturbed. Those who are aware of the fundamental values of an individual all have the same, known, realistic goals. They say it publicly. And everyone knows that they can only be reached with responsible and dedicated work. All shortened, advertised, wild, illegal, unreasonable, unrealistic life paths should be avoided. So you stay on your own. Nothing in your life will be given to you as a gift. The few rich people on the planet were just lucky at the right moment in the right place. Or they were born in such a background, or it was a mere coincidence that they had shown such a chance, that they were thrown at their feet, and they raised it and did not drop it until all possible benefits from it were exhausted, by work again. Such a chance to hit any of us ordinary people is flat zero. Statistics show that most of them are a bit below the average for intelligence and education. Therefore, when setting your own goals, be realistic, smart, working, working, and working out all the power to reach them. Only this way and no other way.

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