What should I do after graduating?

What should I do after graduating? I am graduating next year (civil engineering). Should I do masters directly? Should I do software courses (AutoCAD, ETABS, etc.) and start working for 1 year or 2 then go for masters?

I worked as a Designer until I passed the State Exam and got Licenses as a Design Engineer and as Urbanist for Roads. It lasted about 3 years.
Then I enrolled and attended the complete Postgraduate studies for Magisterial Science. It continued for two semesters (1 year). I did not take any exams and did not do any academic work during these studies or even after. At the lectures, I got a lot of valuable information and met some interesting people from the profession. The acquired knowledge helped me, but I continued to self-study the essential topics by reading articles and papers from colleagues.
Nevertheless, what helped me in my career was most of the work and practice of working with experienced Engineers. There I was formed as a designer, and later in other areas (Supervisor, Project Manager). Through time I could, based on my own experience, give my opinion on each of the Theses that featured the articles and papers. Knowledge and expertise accumulated through practice in work and self-education. That is why I now feel the need to write and answer your questions, hoping to help you a little bit.

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